What is CORETH about?


What is CORETH about?

The CORETH study (Choice of Renal Replacement Therapy) is focused on the two dialysis modalities hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Key questions regarding the medical care explore personal needs and the social conditions of patients: How does the dialysis modality affect their quality of life? Which physical, psychological, mental and social conditions contribute to the choice of the dialysis modality? Furthermore, we want to determine the patients‘ demands for autonomous health-decisions. Finally, there will also be an economic evaluation. The participation of each individual is of great significance in order to eventually improve the medical care for patients and other persons involved. Although every third end-stage renal disease patient could opt for peritoneal dialysis, this decision is made in less than five per cent of cases. The CORETH-project wants to investigate reasons, why until now peritoneal dialysis has been so infrequently used. Possible influencing aspects such as the physical, mental and social disposition have been neglected so far. The CORETH-project aims at gaining new scientific insights about potential deficits of the health care system with respect to dialysis as well as the dialogue between patient and physicians.

What are the inclusion criteria?

Patients may participate if they…

  • suffer from chronic kidney disease,

  • have received renal replacement therapy for at least 6 and no longer than 24 months,

  • have sufficient knowledge of the German language in order to perform the questionnaire,

  • are able to read and fill out the questionnaire,

  • are at least 18 years of age and

  • do not suffer from an acute psychiatric disorder.